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How A Collective Of Black Ballet Teachers Has Been Quietly Training D.C.’s Up-And-Coming Dancers

"They call themselves The Collective and organize masterclasses, summits, and host discussions with leaders at major institutions including Juilliard, the New York City Ballet, and the Richmond Ballet. The group includes DIW’s Kahina Haynes...Rather than dance around equity issues, they seek to educate whenever possible."
"City Lights: Dance Institute of Washington Livestreams Our Spiritual Journey. Created and directed by Ashanté Green, the production invites viewers to journey through the history of Black culture and ancestry in honor of Black History Month"

Things to Do in DC, February 25-28

"Unveiling: The Dance Institute of Washington is hosting a virtual grand opening celebration for its new venue, Fabian Barnes Black Box Theatre, in Columbia Heights. Named for the organization's founder, it will be the second Black-owned theater in DC, with a focus on supporting Black performers and artists of color throughout the city. Though Covid restrictions will keep the opening event online, the institute hopes to open to the public for performances and rentals in the fall. This weekend, DIW's resident choreographer Ashanté Green is directing "Our Spiritual Journey," a production that explores the history and culture of Black diaspora through dance, for the live digital unveiling."
"In an ideal world, studios and schools with ample resources can bridge this gap in even more meaningful way. At the Dance Institute of Washington in Washington, DC, 30 percent of students were issued hot spots and tablets to ensure they could access virtual classes. DIW also created an online resource center with recorded classes and community resources, such as housing and health documents, all in both English and Spanish."
"A New Dance Theater Is Opening In Columbia Heights As Arts Groups Struggle During The Pandemic"

Tony Eligibility, Mariinsky Outbreak, and Kahina Haynes

"It involves buy-in at every level to create an equitable dance future."

Fabian Barnes Wins Pioneer Award

"Congratulations to Fabian Barnes, founder and artistic director of The Dance Institute of Washington, on his 2013 Pioneer Award! Presented by Amtrak and the Washington Wizards NBA team, the Pioneer Awards honor positive community leaders in the Washington, DC, area."
Dance Teacher Magazine

Dancing in the Light: Dance Institute of Washington’s Transformation After the Loss of Its Founder

"The Dance Institute of Washington is known for its uplifting stories of success and triumph, whether it be a student getting a standing ovation for an impressive solo in a ballet concert, a graduate going on to dance with a company or on Broadway, or a teacher winning an award for their positive impact on the lives of youth."

2008’s Washingtonians of the Year: Fabian Barnes

"Classes are purposely diverse by race and socioeconomic level—an educational opportunity for many. Though some alumni now perform with prestigious companies and on Broadway, more apply their lessons to life overall: Says Barnes, "Dance is so much about being where you’re supposed to be, on time, prepared."
"The most important part of the work is giving students the skills and confidence they need to flourish. "The Dance Institute of Washington has done so much for me as a dancer and as a person," said Faith Wilson, 16. "It's lifted my spirit many times outside the studio. The humanity here is amazing. You won't find it anywhere else." Fabian Barnes' legacy lives on."