Eunice L. Barnes
Scholarship Fund

Eunice L. Barnes Scholarship Fund

The Eunice L. Barnes Scholarship Fund, named after DIW founder Fabian Barnes’ mother, was created specifically to advance the careers of talented young dancers of diverse backgrounds by removing the financial barriers standing in the way of them accessing career-building training and professional development opportunities during the Summer.

Who can access Eunice L. Barnes Scholarship Funds

Any DIW students in the upper division who are accepted into a Summer intensive are eligible.

Why this is important

In order to pursue a career in professional dance, it is critical to train and work with a variety of dance companies and intensive programs. The exposure, experience, and relationships developed at these programs are often what make a dancer’s career possible.

However, these Summer opportunities to apprentice, learn, and work often require a significant outlay of funds for tuition, room, board, and living expenses as students spend anywhere from one week to three months in an enriching, challenging, new environment, often away from home.

By contributing to the Eunice L. Barnes Scholarship Fund, you are making a direct investment in advancing equity and diversity in dance.

The promising, underserved students at DIW who are accepted into these competitive, top-tier apprenticeship and intensive programs are poised to be tomorrow’s leaders in dance. The artistry, technique, and discipline that has been honed in these Upper Division students through DIW’s holistic approach to relationship-based training only needs the opportunity to flourish as successful participants in the broader professional dance community.

Donate to the Eunice L. Barnes Scholarship fund, and make those opportunities a reality.